Hot air generator Fabbri F 28c.v. Type: F28 C.V.
new device

Hot air generator Fabbri F 28c.v.

Type: F28 CV
new device
CE mark
Horizontal oven made of thermal chrome plated stainless steel, reinforced with ribs - 2 or 3 smoke revs.
Inner side made of bright sheet metal for casing and insulation.
Outer side made of zinc plated sheet metal.
Frame made of painted profile.
Feeding doors with refractory and extractable grates.
Panels with refractory for pipes cleaning.
Double suction centrifugal fans for hot air delivery running at low regime of turns and arranged on special elastic suspensions driven by one or more electric motors.
Smoke extraction fan
Electric command and control panel - adjusting thermostat.
APPROXIMATE SURFACE TO HEAT UP: m² 100 / 150 - m³ 500
furnace power: 34 kW
output: 29kW
diameter flue: 160mm
hot air conveying tubes: 2 x 180mm diameter
furnace length: 450mm
Fire chamber Width 400mm
Fire chamber Height: 590mm
Air flow (at 15 °): 2.200 m3 / h
Power consumption of the Fan: 480W

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