mobile deduster



Type: Mobiljet 200
Good to know: Residual dust content H2, CE marking
Technische Daten:
  • intake connection:  200mm
  • Maximum volume flow:  1770 m³/h
  • nominal volume flow:  2780 m³/h
  • Vacuum:  1580 pa
  • filter area:  13 m²
  • filter regeneration:  pneumatisch
  • chip bag volume:  ca. 380l
  • motor power:  3 kW
  • machine length:  2000 mm
  • machine width:  800 mm
  • machine height:  2200 mm
  • weight:  240 kg
  • Model year: 1996
  • Location: at our showroom
The deduster is suitable for extracting dry wood dust
and dry wood chips on individual dust sources. this is also valid

for oak and beech wood dust. Furthermore, metallic, ceramic
mixed, organic dusts of the dust ex plo sions class St1 and St2

be sucked off.
If the dust extractor is properly handled by a woodworking
machine with a dust source (eg circular saw, milling machine, planer
machine, belt grinder) and locked in accordance with the rules
operated, is the necessary extraction performance and separation quality
always guaranteed.
When extracting a "dust-proofed" woodworking machine with
A dust source causes the use of the deduster that the
TRK value of 0.1 mg / m3 at this machine workstation permanently

is safely adhered to if no disturbing foreign substances are present.
they are. The metrical monitoring of such

Workplace is then eliminated!

To keep these benefits of the dust extractor for a long time, pay attention
Be sure to follow these operating instructions. Read it before the
Commissioning carefully. Then you will be your joy
always have trouble-free work on the deduster. Should
Nevertheless, questions arise, we are always happy to
We hope you enjoy the work with the new device
Suction power and easy handling.
Possibly. For necessary accessories, please refer to the attached
Design ❤ Agentur zwetschke