mobile dedusting unit


Dispose Suction Heating

Type: JCDC30
Good to know: CE marking, Fine dust filter cartridge
Technische Daten:
  • connection diameter:  200 mm
  • volume flow:  2540 m³/h
  • pressure:  1700 pa
  • filter area:  10,5 m²
  • filter effeciency:  99% für Partikel grösser gleich 2 Mikron
  • chip collection volume capacity:  250 l
  • filter regeneration:  manuell
  • motor power:  2,7 kW
  • SPL:  76 dB
  • machine length:  1450 mm
  • machine wide:  770 mm
  • machine high:  2235 mm
  • weight:  110 kg
  • Model year: new
  • Location: at our showroom
More suction power with the same engine power, quiet during operation
Air filtration over two levels, the device works more effectively and more efficient
High performance cyclone function, separates chips and dust and thus relieves the fine filter
Filter cartridge with quick cleaning via hand lever
Debris and shavings are collected in the 250 liter, Metal drum collected
For quick emptying has the drum over Quick-release fasteners and separate castors
Castors on the device enable mobile use in the workshop
I nklusive radio remote control, with a range of 15 meters, with timer for 2, 4, 6, 8
Filtration efficiency, particle size 99% at 2 microns
Design ❤ Agentur zwetschke